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Woman on the Bus Bench

By Rosa Conrad

Published April 15, 2016

IMG_8567 (1)She sat alone on a bus bench with all her

belongings packed into one bag.

Her face dark from hours being under

the sun,

Her hair in need of a washing, her clothes

were old and worn.


Her eyes looked straight ahead,

avoiding eye contact with the passersby.

She never spoke a word just sat in silence. 

People drove by looked her way but paid her

no mind.

Those that walked by her stayed clear away.

A glance at her would tell you she had no home. 

sad-woman-986420_960_720She’d found a place to rest and had settled in.

The streets around her were busy with

traffic, the time when people were headed for


The noise did not bother her but rather

seemed to comfort her. She glanced around her

and when no one was watching she

smiled as she settled in.

She closed her eyes and let the suns last rays warm

her as she slept.

She never noticed as someone walked by

and laid a blanket over her small frame.

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