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Viviendo en Liminal Borderlands

by Rosa Conrad

Published May 15, 2015

  UnknownLiminal space, dividing threshold,

Separates me from dos mundos

Living in a third one, a borderland.

A mundo different from those al lado de mi.

Yet both viven en me.

I embrace the uniqueness from both,

Yet both rechasan this uniqueness in me.

I am not accepted by either but shunned by both.

My border lengua, my accent, the way I look,

Identifies me as one that belongs to neither.

This threshold I live in is a space for people like me.

Pocha, Latina, Coconut, Chicana, Mexican, just a few

Of the names that both sides may label me as.

I’m neither considered a Mexicana nor an American.

7253_imageMy history is carried over from gente Mexica y Española.

Mi sangre carries la lengua of my padre y madre español y tambien la lengua of los Aztecas, Nàhuatl.

This too is importante por que it is a part of me.

Makes my existencia parte de los dos mundos

That have been mixed by both gentes for unos hundred years.

My ancestors have suffered as I have, as my padres sufrieron.

Chaco_Canyon_Pueblo_Bonito_doorways_NPSCrossing la frontera coming to the tierra de promesa.

I once wanted to belong to both ahora rechaso esa idea.

Soy unica, I carry my lengua con migo, their narratives

embedded in me, as is their strength.

This is my story, my vida, my lengua, my choice.

To vivir as me and caminar entre both worlds and vivir en my liminal space.



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