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El Coyote

By Rosa Conrad

Published June 12, 2015
El coyote, conoce el camino de un mundo al otro. Empty desierto before him seeking
shelter for los atravesados hiding from la migra. Se esconden behind brush and boulders.  Whatever they can find in the caliente desert sol.

He waits with his charges for the right moment,
so they could emerge from their hidden lugar.
Los atravezados no saben what will become of them.
Will they be protected or given up as sacrificial lambs?
They may be led to slaughter; they may find the sueños they seek.

dreaming silhoutteThey do not expect to be victims,
They risked sus vidas to show they have fuerza, hopes, sueños, and they take riesgos, las reasons that brought them to this frontera.
Seeking a new vida, new oportunidades.

Relying on el coyote to show them the way.
Le tienen confianza que he will not do them wrong.
Get them there safe, after all pagaron miles de dolares
To cross la frontera. Many llegan al otro lado,
Only to discover que la vida they sought is not like they imaginaron
El trabajo duro, people del otro lado look at them with odio
Dicendoles go back where you belong!
Que no saben que ellos do the work they do not want to do?
Solo quieren work, no les quitan nada. Trabajan hard
Solo para ganar a few dollars.
Ven a los atravesados but they do not know que fueron
ellos quien sembraron the seeds que dieron fruta.


En los fields, agachados, sus hands, pies, and backs feeling the pain of el trabajo.
They do not mind it y estan grateful for el trabajo, no se quejan.
Han cruzado the border to seek work,
solo piden respeto, nothing more.

Son atravezados, crossed la frontera after saving sus
dolares por mucho tiempo. Came with nada
mas que ganas to work y los sueños de trabajar
para darles de comer a sus families.

imagesEstos eran mis sueños, lastima that el coyote me fallo y nunca llegue yo, you will find my cruz en la frontera. If anyone remembered me tal vez you will see flores placed en memoria de mi.


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