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Borderland Pride of the Banderas

By Rosa Conrad

Published  April 1, 2016

IMG_4804They held the Mexican flag as they stood orgullo in their cultura en their eyes. Mexicanos unidos showing their colors. We carry our bandera to show we are proud of our raíces, and to show that we do not reject being called “Mexicanos”. It is our heritage we carry, it is a representation of our cultura, roots, and language. Somos Mexicanos, some born in Mexico, others born of padres Mexicanos. No rechasamos nuestra culture but we embrace it. We carry it to show que nuestra cultura, roots, and history is a part of us. As we stand with our banderas, we raise it to show que valoramos from where we came.

IMG_2109You ask por que we carry the Mexican flag? We carry it because we do not deny nor reject our culture. We are here in the United States, you see our presence in our music art, food, and tradiciones. It is evident in the dressage of bailadores de Ballet Folklorico, it is present in the flavors of our comida, it is seen in the colors and imàgenes of our arte. It is not our rejection of the USA, pero el orgullo of nuestra cultura Mexicana.

We value American soil, las oportunidades y tambien la cultura Americana. Vivimos entre ustedes. We are your neighbors, friends, and co-workers. We speak both Inglès y SpanishCelebramos tradiciones Americanos like you celebrate Mexican traditions.

If we held just the AmerIMG_6848ican flag some may tell us we are not Americans , if we held both some would ask us to choose, when we hold the Mexican flag some still find fault in it.  We choose con orgullo la bandera Mexicana because la vida que we sought is here, pero nuestros Corazones recuerdan.


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