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Matthew Chase

BnjlXfSIYAA2JVSMatthew Chase is known by many names: a nice young gentleman, a Viking giant, and a creature of darkness. Matthew is sometimes regarded as an academic, with master’s degrees in sociological practice as well as library and information sciences, seeking to forge a librarianship founded on social justice and public advocacy.

His past research addresses a variety of topics ranging from literacy education to mass media representations of monsters to sexual fantasizing. His thesis work focused on how Twitter-based social justice discourses were shaped, with an emphasis in the roles of digital violence and counter-frames. To learn more, here’s the link to his thesis. Matthew is currently leading a research project exploring the very complicated media representations of monsters and how they reflect greater social inequalities.

In the spare time he can’t really afford, Matthew enjoys writing semi-poetic doodles and speculative fiction. He is also a neurotic polyamorous reader, juggling too many books at one time and never quite having enough opportunities to finish them. It doesn’t help that he works at a library too.


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