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Sneha Subramanian Kanta

img_92301There are elements that constitute a person, their personality and life is but an entourage. The vernacular has a strong rootedness in the subhuman definition it is often outlaid with: This constitutes my major area of interest. I personally reckon the art form of poetry as being a form of dissent.

It was in my undergraduate years in college I was first introduced to the word “anthropomorphism” and I daresay the essence of it has trickled into most of my word weaving. All language is political, in which it underlines the silences, absences, gaps of descriptions and narrations. There is much one contextualizes about a given culture in the emphasis that forms in what is being told (another matter altogether) but also in narratives of absentia.

The hinges leading me to the practice of humanism precede meaning, making stopovers at tendencies of kindness, empathy and other attributes in the combined jargon of feeling. I am particularly interested in postcolonial literatures and the iconoclastic climes in its subterranean pathways. The larger paradigm of equality – in our grief and joy must transcend other peripheries, which form the discursive routes of identity and location.

The only child of two lovely parents, I derive a marked and special affinity toward my maternal grandmother. She voyaged from Karachi, Pakistan to India and stayed in a camp at Ulhasnagar, India, during the partition of India. I see a reflection of her characteristics and innate traits within the self.

On a classic day, you can find me by the nearest seashore, in a park, the library or walking long green stretches full of tall tree groves; when not in a quiet corner in my lodging, exfoliating in the luxury of words. Scents and hues: sunsets, flowers in bloom, water bodies, wild winds, falling leaves, foliages, misty alleys, old libraries, and old places of worship are dwelling areas of my gypsy soul, among more.

Now that this reads like a character straight out of Hardy’s introduction scene in Tess of D’Ubervilles, time for some contemporary era information. Professionally, I am pursuing my second postgraduate degree (encore) in literature and culture in the United Kingdom at the University of Plymouth after being a recipient of the prestigious GREAT scholarship. I have worked in the media industry and held teaching positions in the academia previously.

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