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Ricky Guzman

Ricky GWhat’s good, fellow comrades, rogue scholars? I am a Southern California Native to the heart and bone. Escondido, or “Esco” as we called it growing up, is the city where I have been raised since ‘93 but I take extreme pride in San Diego. I almost even tattooed San Diego on my stomach when I was 17, but that is another story. Let me see what will give you a good sense of my personality. I am very open-minded, brutally honest, would never harm a fly, go-with-the-flow, down-to-earth, and an incredible thinker. In high school, I was the nerdy, shy Mexican prankster dude among my prankster homies who would laugh at everything that was even remotely funny. I can tell you nonstop funny middle school/high school stories as I enjoyed those times immensely.

I love lowriders. YES, those funky-looking hopping cars you see around Southern Cali with a Chicano usually driving, and I maybe know a little too much about them. I love ’70s/’80s old school music, early ’90s gangster rap, and oldies from the ’50s and ’60s, and of course the crazy ’60s classic rock. I have always listened to everything, except country. I love my family dearly and appreciate them for the life they have provided me even though, Yes, I take it for granted at times. But HEY, I am learning. I have one younger brother who is 22 and is an amazing person. As far as why I came into Sociology, culture and helping our fellow people has always fascinated me as the U.S. encompasses a plethora of different, extraordinary individuals. I am an excellent guide, so please do not hesitate to ask me the “How and Why.”

Here are some interesting random things about me:

  • I love to have philosophical/sociological conversations on potentially groundbreaking stuff
  • I love laughing
  • I love everything about Mexican food. I know….so stereotypical!!
  • I love random adventures like traveling to a new place and exploring
  • I love Chicano comedy and Youtube surfin’
  • I am a scholar, brother, son, leader, and role model for my entire family
  • I love to cook for people
  • My personality is endless…

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