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Edwina Williams

My everyday world has influenced my experience as a student, researcher, and future educator. As a single mother and a woman of color who comes from a low-income background, some people may label me as disadvantaged but I consider myself to be an inspiration. My transformation from a high-school drop-out to a graduate student has required not only dedication, but resilience and determination. These are characteristics that I continue to display throughout my personal life and my academic career.

One of the most inspirational courses I have taken was Sociology of Education. This was an inspirational course because it forced me to evaluate myself as a student and a social advocate. More importantly, I learned why I want to pursue a career in education. A career working in education will not only provide me with the opportunity to produce knowledge, it will allow me to create change and make meaningful connections with an array of people whom I may not necessarily have contact with otherwise. My aim is to assist students in acknowledging that learning is more than memorization. Learning entailes being able to incorporate your own meaning and employing that knowledge. Once students are able to do this, that is a reward within its self.

Many students come from backgrounds similar to mine. They are striving to reach their educational goals so that they can provide a better future for themselves and their families. I want to convey to them that this is not their burden alone. I am deeply committed to becoming an educator and I believe that nothing can stop me from meeting my goal while ensuring that my future students meet theirs also.


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