Sharing sociological enlightenment & revolutionary thoughts, one conversation at a time.

Mission Statement

This blog is to reach out to people through our sociological eye and to bring thought about our everyday social happenings and for providing informative thoughtful blogs that will inspire, motivate, empower and to create a space where we can share our journey in sociology for those who are unfamiliar with this discipline as well as for those who study it. At the same time we want to offer links that will assist our readers in their academic journey, guide those who are seeking higher education, and connect them with informative, fun and helpful links.

We are creating a collaborative learning space, learning not just to become the typical academic, but a scholar-activist. We want to change the world with knowledge, critical thought, and alliance under a common struggle for equality. We are working to restore voice to peoples and issues that don’t see the light of day through a very public discourse of writing and sociology. Through the written word, we seek to explore and address the problems of intersectionality as gender, race, class, and sexualities interweave into our everyday lives. As sites of power and inequality as well as sites for social justice and outreach.

Vision- We aspire to connect with scholars, to share our work and collaborate to promote higher education for everyone.

Mission- To make a difference in our communities by applying our sociological thoughts and ideas through action.

Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

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