Following from our list of top 7 blog posts of 2016, we wanted to give a proper reflection as well to the powerfully and eloquently written pieces of Poetic Justices published this year. The year may come to an end, but the need for social poetry, art, and creative expression will continue so long as injustice exists. Take a look blow at some of the best we have to offer at SocRogueScholars:

The Asylum of My Literature Class by Sneha Subramanian Kanta delves into the hypocrisies and the cultural barriers of academia.

Woman on the Bus Bench by Rosa Conrad explores the invisible struggles of those with no home to call their own and who survive on the very same streets we pass through every day.

Black Night by Makhi Williams-Kent draws on the strength of those who would break from their shackles and fight against the injustices of slavery.

The Color of Guilt by Matthew Chase confronts white guilt, privilege, and the role of an ally.

Unidos Con La Voice of the People by Rosa Conrad speaks to the unrewarded hard labors and the unity of farmworkers as they fight for a living wage.

Borderland Pride of the Banderas by Rosa Conrad addresses the complex locations of Mexican culture and identity in the United States.

Final Rest by Matthew Chase and Rosa Conrad serves as tribute of respect and dignity to the dying loved ones we cherish in life as they come to their final days and moments.

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