by Matthew Chase

Whether it is in literature or in cinema, it is not uncommon to see the villain suffer a fate reflecting the consequences of their misdeeds. We even have a name for it: poetic justice. Unfortunately, this brand of justice is not as common in reality, where systemic inequalities and oppression continue to impact our everyday lives. Yet poetic justice serves as an inspiring force, a call to action against the systems of oppression. Art informs our realities in meaningful ways. It can raise public awareness about social issues, change our perspectives of the world, and celebrate the struggles of the vulnerable and the silenced. That is why we have created a space for this art with the Poetic Justices series. It is an ongoing series of art, poetry, and prose under a collective cause for social justice, forging a collaborative relationship between art and sociology. The following features the most current collection of Poetic Justices pieces, addressing themes ranging from homelessness to domestic violence to privilege. We encourage readers to explore each title and reflect on how they might speak to us.

Final Rest

by Matthew Chase and Rosa Conrad

Description: Giving a tribute of respect and dignity for the dying loved ones we cherish in our lives as they meet their final days and moments.


Woman on the Bus Bench

by Rosa Conrad

Description: Revealing the invisible struggles of those with no home to call their own and who survive on the very same streets we pass through ourselves.

IMG_8567 (1)

The Color of Guilt

by Matthew Chase

Description: Exploring what it means to confront white guilt, privilege, and the role of an ally.


Borderland Pride of the Banderas

by Rosa Conrad

Description: Addressing the appreciation for and importance of Mexican culture and identity in the United States.


I Am

by Denise Nealon

Description: Speaking to the struggles of poverty, government welfare, and silenced voices.


Concrete King

by Matthew Chase

Description: Addressing what it’s like to be homeless and denied a helping hand.


She Stayed

by Edwina Williams

Description: Discussing the misconceptions about women who stay in abusive relationships and domestic violence situations.


Dreamers & Impostors

by Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

Description: Describing the struggle of first-generation college students navigating the higher education system.

Miss Fortunes

by Matthew Chase

Description: Narrating the life of a man in reflection of his misdeeds and missed fortunes.


Viviendo en Liminal Borderlands

by Rosa Conrad

Description: Reflecting on life lived in the borderlands.


Society Calls Me Ugly

by Edwina Williams

Description: Shedding light on the pain and struggle of a black woman faced with unrealistic standards of beauty in a white society.