by Matthew Chase

New Year Reflections

SocRogueScholars has come a long way since we first began this website. In July 2014, we started out as a modest blog with big dreams of engaging as public sociologists and advocating social justice as scholars.  Now we are entering the year 2016 as a full-fledged sociology website. Reflecting back on the progress we’ve made, here are some of our key  achievements over the last year. It wouldn’t be sociological if we didn’t include statistics.

  1. Our website has received more than 4,000 views, with hundreds of visitors exploring the work we publish and promote. We’ve currently had readers from 33 different countries around the world.
  2. We’ve had the pleasure and privilege to work with 6 brilliant contributors
  3. We have published 45 blogs addressing topics ranging from tips for graduate students to liminal identities to Dracula as metaphor for whiteness to the challenges of social movements.
  4. We have published two blog series. The first one addressed the issues of prison education while the second series is an ongoing discussion on zero tolerance school policies.
  5. Our website promotes and shares 40+ resources and tools for academic success and professional development in the sociological discipline.
  6. We had the opportunity to present SocRogueScholars at conference for the California Sociological Association as well as conduct a guest lecture for sociology graduate students at our alma mater.

A Call for Contributions

Our mission has always remained the same: To raise awareness of social justice issues and to engage with both scholars and the public in critical discussion. We wouldn’t have reached this far without the support of our readers and contributors. To create more high-quality content, we are putting out a call for contributions. If you have a passion for sociology and discussing social issues, then check out the guidelines for submitting a blog. We’re also accepting submissions for our Poetic Justices series, where we publish sociology-related poetry, art, and stories. There are several benefits to submitting to SocRogueScholars such as getting your name and work out there for others to read, as well as building your experience and CV/resume.

New Year Resolutions

SocRogueScholars will only continue to grow from these successes. We already have several ideas and plans in the making to make that happen. Resolutions can be difficult to follow through with, so it’s important to keep them reasonable and simple. Here are some of our goals going into the new year:

  1. We are happy to announce that we’ll be soon creating our very own website domain: This change can be expected to happen sometime in the next few months.
  2. We’re excited to expand the variety of content we publish. Even a new series currently in the works by one of our own contributors.
  3. We also hope to increase our presence in social media, particularly with Facebook and Twitter. 

Looking to the Future

Starting a new year is always an exciting time. We look forward to discussing new ideas, connecting with new people, and discovering new opportunities. If you would like to follow us into 2016 and beyond, subscribe to the SocRogueScholars blog. You can also receive updates by following us on Facebook and Twitter.