It’s been a whole year since SocRogueScholars first started out and we have been constantly amazed by how much it has grown in that time. So to celebrate our first anniversary, we would like to look back at some of our most popular content. We want to give a special shout out to all of our contributors for writing such wonderful and powerful pieces, and we are honored to have the opportunity to showcase their work as scholar-activists. A key part of our mission is raising awareness but also raising voices; to provide an inclusive space where people can participate and contribute to the greater discourse for real, meaningful change.

5 Most Popular Publications of 2015 (January-July)

A War on Misinformation by Lillian Nahar

I am More than Just a Fairytale by Rosa Conrad

Your Voice, Your Stand by Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

Society Calls Me Ugly by Edwina Williams

Dreamers & Impostors by Rosa Conrad and Matthew Chase

5 Most Popular Publications of 2014 (July-December)

Liminal Borderlands by Rosa Conrad

Creating Invisible Borders by Rosa Conrad

Some Advice for Graduate Students by Rosa Conrad

The Struggle is REAL by Ricky Guzman

Howling for Gender and Sexual Justice by Matthew Chase

Our Readers Around the World

We also cannot forget the amazing engagement we’ve had from our readers. That’s what this blog is about: the engagement between the public community and the scholar community. We believe in diversity of thought, action, and experience under a common goal for social justice. At the same time, we’ve been really surprised by the readership we have been able to discover not just in the United States, but across the globe. We hope to share content that is meaningful and insightful for everyone, because our readers have voices too. Here is the current list of countries that our readers live in:
United States
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zealand
Here’s to the next year of raising voices!