Hey Readers!

We would like to provide a few updates for you all about SocRogueScholars and where we’re heading into the summer.

New Poetic Justices Series

If you haven’t been made aware yet, we devoted the entire month of May to starting up a new series called Poetic Justices. It is a series where we present you with a growing gallery of original sociological creativity (i.e., poetry, prose, and art). We already have several pieces published on the blog which you can find through our Poetic Justices tab. Check the tab regularly as we will continue to publish new pieces as they come in from SocRogueScholars founders and contributors alike. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be notified about future publications. If you’d like to submit a piece for possible publication, we look forward to hearing from you. Please see our Poetic Justices Submission Guidelines for more information.

Upcoming Prison Education Miniseries

We are also ready to announce a summer blog miniseries on the topic of prison and correctional education. The miniseries starts the first week of June and new blogs are expected to be published on a biweekly basis. We hope you enjoy and discuss what will be presented.

Rebranding SocRogueScholars Website

We will also be rebranding the site very soon as socroguescholars.org! This is just one step to making SocRogueScholars more accessible and more visible to loyal readers like you.

Call for Contributions

And as always, we are enthusiastic about publishing contributions from the academic and public communities. If you feel you have writing that reflects and advances the public-scholar mission of SocRogueScholars, please feel free to look over our Contribution Submission Guidelines and submit your piece to us at socroguescholars@gmail.com. We are currently looking for new contributions for this summer (June-August), and there are a number of benefits to consider. Not the least of which is getting your name and work out there in the world as well as adding to your CV that you have been a SocRogueScholars contributor. No academic degree required to contribute.